Waxing. Voksing. Oslo invites for such service!
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Have you ever been to a service called voksing? Oslo is a perfect place where you can get some of it. Of course we mean waxing when we say voksing. Waxing is one of the most effective methods of hair removal. Many other methods of hair removal are less effective than waxing, because they remove hair only from the surface of the skin, without touching bulbs. Hot wax reaches deeply, so it is able to remove the hair along with the root. Removing hair from the root causes, that regrowth takes a very long time, and the hair is becoming thinner and thinner. Hot wax is spread on the body surface, and it is applied to a piece of fabric or paper. The procedure can be performed without the use of the material, if the consistency of wax allows it. When the wax hardens, it tightens the skin and the material is quickly removed in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Waxing at home can also be an effective treatment, but it is recommended to make depilation at the beautician"s. A professional will perform the procedure professionally. Hair must be plucked at an angle of 40 degrees, and the material must be removed quickly enough, which is not an easy task, if you alone do voksing. Oslo invites for a service of waxing very sincerely!

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